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WAOH Refugees
West African Orphanage Home
West African Orphage Home
Is an (NGO) formed in the year 1995 in Republic of Mali in West Africa.
*** Our mission is to expose the terrible conditions of African citizens including the Refugees and charity homes by pleading for an assistant to every leaving human being on earth to join hand with us and make sure that our brothers and sister are not being distroyed because of helpless. We do this charity work by development and adoption , replacement programmes; Searching constantly for new ways to arouse the public and scientific conscience on our relations with humanity.

The worst situation is some countries like Somalia, Brundi, Coted'Ivoire, Sudan, you will find out that water is polluted with chemical weapons by the military and the rebels, these are most terrible situation that over 6 million people in about 7 countries of 16 African countries are facing in especially in West Africa to day and SUDAN whom the government has refuse to listen to the United Nation, yet there is no solution to eliminate this terrible situation.

*** People die without numbered because this situation is not getting better rather it is rapidly getting to worst every day. Before we think of establishing this organisation, we hope that it will be an easy journey to embark on because we are hoping only to build schools, Mosque, Churches and some rehabilitation centre’s. But my dear people, it is never what we expected that we saw on our arrival to African countries. Believe us that every picture you will see in this site is exactly what is happening here in African countries today

There are a lot of people to feed. There are hiding mass destruction, no good medication, there is no facilities for anybody to eat or get groceries or anything, no good medication , there is no facilities for anybody to eat or get groceries or anything, no good education, no houses and cloths to wear. Do you know that some people drink CAMEL EURINE and eat the same food with animals just for them to live? This is our brother and sister that God created the way he created us. 
Because of the situation we find some refugees camps like Somalia, Sudan, Coted'Ivoire and other countries within Africa , we have decided to award contracts to companies who is ready to assist us for the supply of any of the needed items as many relief items have already been distributed to some refugees camps and yet not enough for the victims of this terrible condition, we are appealing for latest round of distribution which is to fill some gaps and make sure every refugees receives the full package needed to help them cope with winter,hunger,bad health etc.
We have provided to each person with three blankets and each tent with four mattresses, two plastic sheets and one stove. The blankets and mattresses provide personal insulation, while the plastic sheets are used to cover the tents the blankets and mattresses provide personal installation, while the plastic sheets are used to cover the tents roof and ground for additional warmth.  Some time we travel from camp to camp to demonstrate to Refugees and helpless survivors on how they could cope with the situation, create some funny entertainments, dancing, sports and things that will make them feel that the world has not rejected them for any reason as this is very important to people of such condition.  
To address this challenge, (WAOH) is tapping on the expertise of African refugees builders for the building of tents, houses, craft centres and some of the facilities that will help them feel at home.

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